Releasing software: from chaos to sanity

12th April, 2019 - Posted by david

This post was originally written for the engineering blog of my employer, Smartbox Ltd., who are also the source of the content. The original is available at This article is about how, at Smartbox, we improved our release process over a period of around 2 years, going from ad hoc releases, with little structure […]


How to set up an SVN server over HTTPS on Apache

2nd August, 2012 - Posted by david

So, I recently started a new job as Lead Developer on and one of the first things I was tasked with was moving the codebase from a simple PC running Linux to the cloud, so that it could be accessed remotely, outside the office. Now, while I do prefer Git, SVN is still reasonably […]


Favourite Interview Process

16th September, 2011 - Posted by david

Last month I resigned my post from and am about to take up a development position with dotMobi, a leading mobile Internet services company. I had done interviews with several places, while reading plenty of articles on various other companies’ hiring practices. At the end of these couple of months, I came to the […]


First Post

3rd September, 2010 - Posted by david

I work as a web developer for, Ireland’s largest and busiest website and have been there since August 2008. In my 2+ years of professional web development, I’ve come across many tips and tricks, which I’d like to share with anyone who’s interested. Alot of them have come from serious browsing for solutions on […]