HTML Div’s layered onto Google Streetview: Chrome issue

16th December, 2010 - Posted by david

While working on Daft‘s Map Search facility, we naturally decided to integrate Google’s Street View (SV) as a feature, especially since we were one of the launch partners for the product in Ireland. We decided to do this as follows: For each property icon on the map, when you click on it, bring up a […]


Web programming with Python and web.py: my experience

2nd November, 2010 - Posted by david

Quick Introduction I’ve written the front page and an ajax handler for a web application using Python and web.py. Here I give my thoughts on using a niche product (web.py) and some of the coding issues I had to figure out on my own, in case some one has similar problems.


Google Maps API V3 Overview Control

9th October, 2010 - Posted by david

In mid-2009, Google launched version 3 of their fantastic Google Maps API. This new version was a complete overhaul of the existing system, moving to an MVC-based architecture, with the primary focus on speeding up the code so it would work better on mobile devices. It has now taken over from Maps API v2 as […]


Inconsistent JSON arrays using PHP’s json_encode

14th September, 2010 - Posted by david

I’d be amazed if anyone ever has come across this problem before, but it’s one that stumped me recently and I feel would make a good first ‘real’ post for this new blog. Firstly, a bit of background: in work, we have an API that uses the XML-based SOAP protocol over HTTP. You can request […]


First Post

3rd September, 2010 - Posted by david

I work as a web developer for daft.ie, Ireland’s largest and busiest website and have been there since August 2008. In my 2+ years of professional web development, I’ve come across many tips and tricks, which I’d like to share with anyone who’s interested. Alot of them have come from serious browsing for solutions on […]