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3rd September, 2010 - Posted by david

I work as a web developer for, Ireland’s largest and busiest website and have been there since August 2008. In my 2+ years of professional web development, I’ve come across many tips and tricks, which I’d like to share with anyone who’s interested. Alot of them have come from serious browsing for solutions on Google, Stackoverflow and the like, while some I’ve come up with myself. My main aim here is to share my knowledge by providing (hopefully) simple guides for people with similar problems, to save them the hassle I went through originally!

In addition to this, I hope to use this blog as a place to post various interesting plug-in’s, classes and algorithms that I either generate in work (with their agreement of course!) or my spare time. I’ve one written and ready to go already!

I mainly code in PHP with MySQL, using the magnificent jQuery Javascript library. I’ve worked extensively on Daft’s new mapping system, so have a decent knowledge of Google Maps Javascript API V3, as well as the usual CSS and XHTML (everything we do is to the XHTML Strict 1.0 standard). I’ve also started learning Ruby on Rails, which so far seems amazing, as well as having looked at Python, using as it’s web framework. For more information on me personally, check out the About section.

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