My name is David Coen and I’m the lead developer for CarsIreland.ie, having started in June 2012. Previously I worked at dotMobi and daft.ie but have been interested in web development since the mid-nineties. For web development, I mainly code in PHP on a LAMP or LEMP stack, but have looked at both Python and Ruby on Rails in the past and am presently looking into Backbone.js. I also use jQuery alot, don’t know how I programmed in JavaScript without it!

I haven’t always worked on the web; I have previous experience for one of the largest banks in the world, working on their backend mainframe systems. I got into the web properly, i.e. beyond static HTML and basic JavaScript, for my final year project in university, where I developed an XML/XSLT based CMS, using PHP and MySQL. While working in the bank I built my first fully fledged web application, sportbo.com in PHP. This helped me get the job at Daft but lately development on it has pretty much ceased as I look to learn new technologies and develop new applications.

I also like to travel and went on a solo round the world trip a few years ago. The picture on each pages header is (a blurred version) of me at the Perito Moreno glacier in Southern Argentina. I’m also a keen squash player, having begun at age 10 and am still playing regular league squash in Dublin.

N.B. All thoughts and views expressed here are totally my own and do not reflect those of my current or previous employers.

Oh, one last thing – just to clarify, ‘drcoen’ doesn’t mean Dr. Coen, ‘r’ is the first letter of my middle name! ‘dcoen’ was too short a username for a certain email provider and ‘davidcoen’ and other variations of it were already taken, hence I used the first initial of my middle name.